W M Shutters in Administration

January 16, 2013 7 comments

W M Shutters based in Telford have this week appointed administrators.  The company had already previously down sized their premises and had teamed up with Nice to create the OpeNice roller garage door in a bid to boost sales.  It is no doubt a very tough time for this industry at present and with the roller garage door market being so crowded there was always going to be casualties.

Black Sectional Garage Doors

June 9, 2012 3 comments

Once only available as painted door option with a heavy warning about south facing doors, now readily available.  Gliderol were the first to offer us black sectional doors made from pre-finished steel  and since then Garage Door Systems  and Teckentrup also have pre-finished black doors within their offerings.  For what seems like such an obvious standard colour option to the consumer it’s been a long time coming.

We had always been told that black sectional garage doors absorbed more heat and were therefore more likely to de-laminate and so weren’t a good idea, particularly in south facing conditions.  This is still the case with Hormann who ask you to sign a disclaimer for black doors which is possibly the most effective means of turning a customer off a product and most likely the brand too.  Surly though Hormann wouldn’t do this without good reason ?  We have ourselves had a black Gliderol panel de-laminate though we have no way of knowing if the same thing wouldn’t have happened if the door was another colour.

So are pre-finished black sectionals an affordable way to give the consumer what they want and the doorway to more sales or if we ever get a hot summer will we be replacing them all?

Novoferm Cardale Merger

Without doubt the biggest change in the UK garage door industry since BRP Group split is the controversial Novoferm and Cardale merger to create Novoferm UK.  Many installers feel concerned that with Jeremy Baker being a major shareholder in Novoferm UK and owning The Garage Door Company that by buying from Novoferm UK they are supporting a competitor.  There has been much negative comment about the merger and a flyer/letter circulated condemning the merger and urging businesses not to buy from Novoferm UK.  This merger see’s a further blurring of the lines between manufacturers/importers and installers, other examples are Chamberlain Doors with Wessex and Castle Garage Doors/Garage Door King with Legbud.

Competitors to Novoferm UK have not been slow to capitalize on any bad feeling as an opportunity to pick up new business and it looks like The Garage Door company will need to tread carefully to avoid further damage to the Novoferm brand.

Read about the job losses here

New Garage Doors for 2011

May 1, 2011 1 comment

As the end of the financial year comes round and we see yet again more price increases there have also been some new garage doors and options on existing doors released into the market.

Hormann/Garador have released a new up and over garage door panel called the Caxton in the Hormann range and Sutton in the Garador range.  The panel is quite attractive and is similar to a Carlton/Vertical but with a border.  In the Hormann price list the Caxton is £179 more than the Vertical, so it is quite an expensive border.  It also comes at a higher cost than the Georgian panel doors.  Garador have forgotten to include the Sutton in their price list so we’re not sure how much they intend to charge.  Garador have also introduced 5 new timber up and over designs and a new timber side hinged product in 3 designs.  The timber side hinged doors use the same steel frame and leaf chassis as the steel side hinged doors but with a timber infill.

Teckentrup Depot have released a new insulated side hinged garage door.  The door is made up of the same Carteck sections used on their sectional garage doors  and comes with an aluminium threshold, sash lock and lever handles and flush bolts.   The side hinged door is quite expensive against the Carteck sectional door with a 2286mm wide door working out at £383 more at list.  The insulated  side hinged door is however a unique product and is bound to be desireable to all those retired engineers out there using their garages as ‘workshops’.

The Changing Sectional Garage Door Market

April 17, 2011 4 comments

In the last few years there have been many newcomers to the sectional garage doors market and slowly but surely some of them seem to be making a big contribution to a change in the styles and sizes of sectional doors we sell.

Go back 5 years and the only sectional doors that were readily available were a small selection of slightly different Georgain panel designs from different manufacturers, a narrow horizontal rib and a wide horizontal rib door; all with a woodgrain finish.  Of course other styles and finishes have always been available but on a long lead time and at a much higher cost.  Now with companies like Teckentrup Depot and Gliderol there is an incresed range of panel styles and more importantly the smooth finish as a no cost option.  This has introduced some good healthy competition into the UK sectional market.  Not a conclusive test by any means but in our own business we’ve found that without a price or lead time difference most of our customers prefer a smooth finish sectional door to one with a woodgrain finish.

The other big reason brands like these and Garage Door Systems have been able to create a market for themselves is the ability to mix and match heights & widths in the price lists which can often save money in the avoidance of cut down charges and can save weeks (or months!) off lead times.  The pricelists are simple with good continuity on lead times accross the product ranges which are things that Novoferm and the industry leaders Hormann/Garador could learn a thing or two from.

Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

A guest post by Kathryn King


With the recent rise of graffiti as an expressive art-form and ‘artists’ such as Banksy hailed as pop culture heroes – his short film ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ has even been nominated for an Oscar this year – are we legitimising vandalism?

It costs around £850million to keep the country’s streets free from litter and graffiti, with whole communities being ‘terrorised’ by graffiti artists vandalising private property on every high street in Britain. In Brent, London, a ‘vandal’s’ work has cost tax payers more than £1800 and the ‘offender’ was given a three year ASBO – tough enough?

So it seems for every person who calls it art, there is a property owner scrubbing walls and calling it vandalism.

If you own commercial property which is ‘tagged’ – how can you protect yourself?

Security shutters, grilles and industrial doors are the perfect way to protect your shop fronts – they are secure, economical and look good. But if you’re the victim of a tagger, how do you protect your protection?

There are several solutions, one of the most effective being a range of high quality, high spec powder coatings you can use to treat your security shutters, grilles and industrial doors. In fact, these coatings have a wide outdoor use and can even be used for architectural applications, including street furniture.

Polyurethane powder coatings are specially formulated to have superior anti-graffiti properties and when combined with the correct cleaning practices can leave all your outdoor surfaces graffiti/art free – depending on your outlook!

Part of only a small group of companies that work with the top manufacturer of these coatings, HAG UK Ltd, is part of the ‘Service First’ team distributing and applying coatings manufactured by Akzo Nobel.

So, if you have a problem with vandals, graffiti artists, taggers or spray painters, maybe you should get in touch with HAG and discuss how Anti Graffiti Powder Coatings can help protect your business property and your bank balance.

The Rising Cost of Garage Doors

June 20, 2010 5 comments

Many garage door manufacturers have already increased their prices this year.  It is obvious to expect the same from other manufacturers but we should all be prepared for further increases on top of that.

As the greedy mining and oil giants continue to push up prices of raw materials in turn the steel companies must pass this on to our garage door manufacturers.  Garage Door Systems after one price increase this year are already warning that another may be soon to come.

Whilst these price increases don’t mean that the recovery within our industry is going to grind to a halt, it’s fair to say that this combined with the coalition cuts in the public sector and the threat to pensions that BP has caused will not help our businesses.

The Garage Door Industry Picks Up

It would seem that after an incredibly tough recession and a brutal winter that took their toll on both manufacturers and installers alike that the garage door industry is getting back on its feet.  Speaking to people at Garador, Novoferm and SWS things have definitely picked up for these suppliers.  Garador are working nights, Novoferm are running out of stock and SWS can’t produce the doors fast enough.  Some of this increase in demand can no doubt be linked to the demise of BRP Group however the does seem to be a big increase in garage door sales in general, in our own company at the moment we’re busier than we’ve ever been.  The good weather always seems to have an impact on sales, once people start getting out in their gardens and looking at doing the outside jobs things always seem to pick up.

Hope all you businesses are picking up nicely and that this fantastic weather continues!

The BRP Split

May 4, 2010 2 comments

The former BRP Group as I’m sure you are aware has now been split up in to the smaller brands that created it and sold off where possible.  This is the latest new I have.  Some things have been difficult to confirm so I apologise if any of this is incorrect.

  • There has been no buyer for Henderson, the factory at Bowburn has closed and the website has been taken down.
  • Cardale has been bough by Steve Hobbs former director at BRP and Jeremy Baker of The Garage Door Company.
  • Steel Line has been bought by Gliderol and closed down.
  • Chamberlain Doors have bought Wessex and plan to continue manufacturing and supplying the garage door industry with GRP panel doors.

Will this change the way you buy?  Are you glad to see that some parts of BRP have been bought in order to keep competition in the UK market, or do you now see buying  from Cardale and Wessex as supporting competitors?

Spring Door Industry Journal Now Online

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Posted on behalf of Derek Hibbart

We are pleased to inform you that the Spring 2010 edition of the Journal is now available to read online and download directly from this link http://bit.ly/aHdNBI or to read the current and past issues visit www.doorindustryjournal.co.uk

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By including us on your list, your company will not miss out on any publicity that we may provide free of charge, generated from material sent to us.

Our mailing address is:

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Finally, we would like to thank all advertisers in the current issue for their support in making this a 48 page edition once again and we look forward to their continued support during 2010.

Derek Hibbart
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