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Black Sectional Garage Doors

Once only available as painted door option with a heavy warning about south facing doors, now readily available.  Gliderol were the first to offer us black sectional doors made from pre-finished steel  and since then Garage Door Systems  and Teckentrup also have pre-finished black doors within their offerings.  For what seems like such an obvious standard colour option to the consumer it’s been a long time coming.

We had always been told that black sectional garage doors absorbed more heat and were therefore more likely to de-laminate and so weren’t a good idea, particularly in south facing conditions.  This is still the case with Hormann who ask you to sign a disclaimer for black doors which is possibly the most effective means of turning a customer off a product and most likely the brand too.  Surly though Hormann wouldn’t do this without good reason ?  We have ourselves had a black Gliderol panel de-laminate though we have no way of knowing if the same thing wouldn’t have happened if the door was another colour.

So are pre-finished black sectionals an affordable way to give the consumer what they want and the doorway to more sales or if we ever get a hot summer will we be replacing them all?

  1. June 11, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Having been involved with Teckentrup for 8 years and in that time have always produced RAL 9005 Black as a painted option I can state that we have had one door failure due to delamination in the UK. We replaced the panels. Teckentrup are a Pan European company and policies are there to cover the whole market. Temperatures in Greece for example will generally far exceed those experienced in the UK. However there is no getting away from physics and you may experience expansion of panels on a hot day but the panels will return to their previous position when they cool. This would apply to any dark coloured panel ie rosewood or brown, and even to a lesser extent any finsh/colour – none of us can alter the laws of nature. This should be considered when selling the product and as such is hightlighted on our website http://www.teckentrupdepot.co.uk/guarantee/. In a nut shell Trend 9005 should be sold in the same manner as any of our panels with due consideration to local conditions and good information being supplied to the end customer provided by a transparent manufacturer and knowledgable installer.

  2. January 17, 2013 at 10:58 am

    We have been using factory finish kingspan black sectional door panel now for four years. Delamination has never been an issue. For many years previous we have painted doors black with no issues regarding delamination. However our customers are aware of restrictions on the usage of black doors. Hormann are correct in their approach, as garage door companies, who are aware of the issues regarding black panel, tend not to mention this to their customers.
    As a general rule we do not accept orders for doors over a certain area .
    As Jim has already expressed dark coloured panels absorb radiant heat a lot faster than standard white panels, as an example we have left a 6000mm Rosewood panel outisde in the sunlight to witness the bowing of the panel.On a normal summers day the panel deflected by 70mm. While the panel will return to its original position when cooled, there will be problems generated by the heat when operating. These can be, top panel closing to the seals, panels interlocking where one panel has been kept in the shade. Some installers have put wind struts on the top panel to prevent bow, however be warned this will encourage panel delamination, as the inner skin will not be be able to move. This would be similar for all manufacturers panel providing a similar U-value. I would guess that other UK companies have a disclaimer for black panels somewhere in their warranty statements.

  3. September 23, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    Black garage doors in the past have absorbed so much heat the laminate has peeled off creating a useless door. Now there is a product from Gliderol that is a pre-finished steel door. Gliderol may have the lead in the garage door market by having the black sectional pre-finished door available.

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