The Garage Door Industry Picks Up

It would seem that after an incredibly tough recession and a brutal winter that took their toll on both manufacturers and installers alike that the garage door industry is getting back on its feet.  Speaking to people at Garador, Novoferm and SWS things have definitely picked up for these suppliers.  Garador are working nights, Novoferm are running out of stock and SWS can’t produce the doors fast enough.  Some of this increase in demand can no doubt be linked to the demise of BRP Group however the does seem to be a big increase in garage door sales in general, in our own company at the moment we’re busier than we’ve ever been.  The good weather always seems to have an impact on sales, once people start getting out in their gardens and looking at doing the outside jobs things always seem to pick up.

Hope all you businesses are picking up nicely and that this fantastic weather continues!


The BRP Split

May 4, 2010 2 comments

The former BRP Group as I’m sure you are aware has now been split up in to the smaller brands that created it and sold off where possible.  This is the latest new I have.  Some things have been difficult to confirm so I apologise if any of this is incorrect.

  • There has been no buyer for Henderson, the factory at Bowburn has closed and the website has been taken down.
  • Cardale has been bough by Steve Hobbs former director at BRP and Jeremy Baker of The Garage Door Company.
  • Steel Line has been bought by Gliderol and closed down.
  • Chamberlain Doors have bought Wessex and plan to continue manufacturing and supplying the garage door industry with GRP panel doors.

Will this change the way you buy?  Are you glad to see that some parts of BRP have been bought in order to keep competition in the UK market, or do you now see buying  from Cardale and Wessex as supporting competitors?

Spring Door Industry Journal Now Online

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Posted on behalf of Derek Hibbart

We are pleased to inform you that the Spring 2010 edition of the Journal is now available to read online and download directly from this link or to read the current and past issues visit

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Finally, we would like to thank all advertisers in the current issue for their support in making this a 48 page edition once again and we look forward to their continued support during 2010.

Derek Hibbart
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The end of the line for bow arm converters?

April 7, 2010 2 comments

As I’m sure most readers of this blog will be aware, suppliers of canopy doors that are automated and use a bow arm converter must be able to prove that the combination of door, bow arm and operator have been tested together to comply with BS EN 12453.

The majority of bow arm installations are to an existing door that have generally been installed well over 10 years ago making it impossible to comply with the standard.  So assuming that garage door specialists are interested in complying with the standard then surely this drop in sales for manufacturers will be the death of the bow arm.

It will be interesting to see if this void ever gets filled.  Even now canopy doors are a big part of the UK garage door market with most big building companies still fitting them on their developments.  There is the Cardale Autoglide but I’m yet to meet an installer who has much love for it.  Perhaps if this design could be improved up on then there would be a safe and easy way to automate canopy doors.

BRP In Administration

March 25, 2010 24 comments

BRP Group have today gone in to administration and once again staff and suppliers will be worried for their jobs and money owed.  The troubled garage door manufacturer must again try to find a buyer to be able to keep its doors open.  I’m sure to anyone working within the garage door industry this will not come as a shock.  Speaking to people within the industry the general consensus is that many installers will only now buy from the group as a last resort or when new doors have to be matched to existing ones.

Whether BRP have a buyer yet or not I do not know but if/when the company is bought surely this time it needs someone with the financial muscle and business savvy to make the necessary changes.

Who would you like to see buy BRP?  Or do you think the company is just too badly tainted to carry on?

Energy Rated Garage Doors

November 25, 2009 4 comments

As the world gets ever more environmentally conscious and energy prices rise people are becoming and/or wanting to become more aware of how much energy and money they’re wasting.  When the garage is an integral part of the house the garage door is usually the largest opening in the home and since many houses have the boiler in the garage the potential for energy loss is huge.

What I think is needed is a proper energy rating like there is for fridges, dishwashers, windows etc.  I know that most manufacturers of insulated roller garage doors and sectional garage doors publish the U value of their doors but to most people this means nothing.  An example of what a simple energy rating chart could look like is shown below.


This chart is something that most people are now familiar with from white goods and is something everyone can understand.  Garage doors being rated in this way would help more people to understand both the financial and environmental savings that having an insulated garage door can make.

The benefits to garage door installers and manufacturers?  We’d sell more insulated garage doors!  More people would replace their doors for the benefit of saving money  in the long-term rather than waiting until the door is so old it’s no longer useable.



Are there too many roller garage doors?

October 24, 2009 1 comment

Is the roller garage door market really that lucrative that all the major manufacturers along with a whole host of other smaller manufacturers can make a good profit out of it?  Obviously the reason for so many of these doors cropping up is the relative ease of manufacturing.  A few of the major manufacturers have tried to make their products unique with features such as the sliding axle from Novoferm or the Hormann gear drive system.  They all still however look identical from the outside.  Industrial door manufacturer Doco are the latest to join the domestic insulated roller door party which is going to be tough in todays economic climate.  It will be interesting to see who is still around once the economy recovers.