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New Garage Doors for 2011

May 1, 2011 1 comment

As the end of the financial year comes round and we see yet again more price increases there have also been some new garage doors and options on existing doors released into the market.

Hormann/Garador have released a new up and over garage door panel called the Caxton in the Hormann range and Sutton in the Garador range.  The panel is quite attractive and is similar to a Carlton/Vertical but with a border.  In the Hormann price list the Caxton is £179 more than the Vertical, so it is quite an expensive border.  It also comes at a higher cost than the Georgian panel doors.  Garador have forgotten to include the Sutton in their price list so we’re not sure how much they intend to charge.  Garador have also introduced 5 new timber up and over designs and a new timber side hinged product in 3 designs.  The timber side hinged doors use the same steel frame and leaf chassis as the steel side hinged doors but with a timber infill.

Teckentrup Depot have released a new insulated side hinged garage door.  The door is made up of the same Carteck sections used on their sectional garage doors  and comes with an aluminium threshold, sash lock and lever handles and flush bolts.   The side hinged door is quite expensive against the Carteck sectional door with a 2286mm wide door working out at £383 more at list.  The insulated  side hinged door is however a unique product and is bound to be desireable to all those retired engineers out there using their garages as ‘workshops’.


Cardale In Administration

July 16, 2009 12 comments

On 14/07/09 RSM Bentley Jennison were appointed Administrators over the principal operating companies of the Cardale Group Limited.

I doubt this will come as a shock to many people.  I for one was dubious about how long they would last when they started closing for lunch.

It seems that over the past few years Cardale just haven’t been able to get it right.  Although their marketing is great, the products aren’t.  When you compare them against the likes of Hormann and Novoferm they’re just not as good.  This would be ok if the price was rock bottom and they were marketing themselves as a budget door, but they’re not.  Also most fitters prefer to fit the German doors so tend to push them.  The only great product they did have, the Carteck door, they over priced then stopped importing  due to low sales figures.  Then they bought Henderson, another company with great marketing but poor doors.

No doubt Cardale will be bought as the company is just too big to fold but what then?  Will there be a massive injection of cash to overhaul the outdated retractable gear or the over complicated canopy gear?  By the way has anybody had the pleasure or replacing cables on a recent Caradle canopy?

Cardale should not be allowed to fold if not for any other reason than the redundancies, but if it is going to carry on then it needs huge changes in the business.  It needs to be transformed the way Hormann transformed Garador.