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Novoferm Cardale Merger

Without doubt the biggest change in the UK garage door industry since BRP Group split is the controversial Novoferm and Cardale merger to create Novoferm UK.  Many installers feel concerned that with Jeremy Baker being a major shareholder in Novoferm UK and owning The Garage Door Company that by buying from Novoferm UK they are supporting a competitor.  There has been much negative comment about the merger and a flyer/letter circulated condemning the merger and urging businesses not to buy from Novoferm UK.  This merger see’s a further blurring of the lines between manufacturers/importers and installers, other examples are Chamberlain Doors with Wessex and Castle Garage Doors/Garage Door King with Legbud.

Competitors to Novoferm UK have not been slow to capitalize on any bad feeling as an opportunity to pick up new business and it looks like The Garage Door company will need to tread carefully to avoid further damage to the Novoferm brand.

Read about the job losses here


The BRP Split

May 4, 2010 2 comments

The former BRP Group as I’m sure you are aware has now been split up in to the smaller brands that created it and sold off where possible.  This is the latest new I have.  Some things have been difficult to confirm so I apologise if any of this is incorrect.

  • There has been no buyer for Henderson, the factory at Bowburn has closed and the website has been taken down.
  • Cardale has been bough by Steve Hobbs former director at BRP and Jeremy Baker of The Garage Door Company.
  • Steel Line has been bought by Gliderol and closed down.
  • Chamberlain Doors have bought Wessex and plan to continue manufacturing and supplying the garage door industry with GRP panel doors.

Will this change the way you buy?  Are you glad to see that some parts of BRP have been bought in order to keep competition in the UK market, or do you now see buying  from Cardale and Wessex as supporting competitors?

BRP In Administration

March 25, 2010 24 comments

BRP Group have today gone in to administration and once again staff and suppliers will be worried for their jobs and money owed.  The troubled garage door manufacturer must again try to find a buyer to be able to keep its doors open.  I’m sure to anyone working within the garage door industry this will not come as a shock.  Speaking to people within the industry the general consensus is that many installers will only now buy from the group as a last resort or when new doors have to be matched to existing ones.

Whether BRP have a buyer yet or not I do not know but if/when the company is bought surely this time it needs someone with the financial muscle and business savvy to make the necessary changes.

Who would you like to see buy BRP?  Or do you think the company is just too badly tainted to carry on?

BRP Group on the up!

October 13, 2009 1 comment

Things seem to be looking up for BRP, I’m pleased to say that since the take over (by the same owner) things are now a lot better.   For a start  they answer the phone throughout the day and  the sales staff are also very helpful and pleasant to deal with.  The best news of all though is that the doors are going to be improved!  As a short term measure the Cardale lifting gear will be fitted to the Henderson doors as well as Wessex and Cardale as BRP feel this is the best gear they currently have.  This is while the new lifting gear (due out some time next near) is developed.   Also the a thicker steel will be used in the panels for the one piece steel doors.

Cardale Sold

August 21, 2009 4 comments

Cardale has been bought by BRP Group (Building Related Products).   Involved in the newly formed BRP Group is Nick Sibley former owner of Cardale.  This is fantastic news for anyone working for Cardale Group Limited/Bowburn/BRP.  400 jobs saved which if you listen to the news and how fast unemployment is rising it’s a massive achievement and how great it is that we’re still going to have a huge percentage of the garage doors sold in the UK made here.

What Now?

I really hope that the next thing we’re all going to here from the Cardale/Henderson reps is that there is going to be a big injection of money into the business to be spent on bringing the products up to the same level of quality and ease of fitting as their German competitors.  Will we hear that?  I doubt it.  I think what is more likely is that the company will just try and hold on until the big building companies start building again.  If this is the case then surely BRP have just prolonged the inevitable.  I hope I’m wrong.

Will you still buy from Cardale while they’re in administration?

July 24, 2009 2 comments

Since Cardale went into administration I’ve been wondering how people are reacting within the industry. How worried are people? Will you still buy doors from the Cardale Group Limited with the company in its current state? Obviously the main concern for Cardale customers is the warranties and if Cardale goes bust us being left to pick up the bill for their warranty issues. On the other hand if you do like Cardale doors are you trying to support them as much as possible through this difficult time?

It would also be interesting to know if Cardale did go bust and the huge range that they have was no longer available, how big do you think the impact of this would be on the industry?

Cardale In Administration

July 16, 2009 12 comments

On 14/07/09 RSM Bentley Jennison were appointed Administrators over the principal operating companies of the Cardale Group Limited.

I doubt this will come as a shock to many people.  I for one was dubious about how long they would last when they started closing for lunch.

It seems that over the past few years Cardale just haven’t been able to get it right.  Although their marketing is great, the products aren’t.  When you compare them against the likes of Hormann and Novoferm they’re just not as good.  This would be ok if the price was rock bottom and they were marketing themselves as a budget door, but they’re not.  Also most fitters prefer to fit the German doors so tend to push them.  The only great product they did have, the Carteck door, they over priced then stopped importing  due to low sales figures.  Then they bought Henderson, another company with great marketing but poor doors.

No doubt Cardale will be bought as the company is just too big to fold but what then?  Will there be a massive injection of cash to overhaul the outdated retractable gear or the over complicated canopy gear?  By the way has anybody had the pleasure or replacing cables on a recent Caradle canopy?

Cardale should not be allowed to fold if not for any other reason than the redundancies, but if it is going to carry on then it needs huge changes in the business.  It needs to be transformed the way Hormann transformed Garador.